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How to Mentor Tomorrow’s Retina Leaders

Fostering the success of future generations is the key to improving diversity within the field of retina.

We have all been fortunate in our careers to find great mentors who have helped us maximize our achievements, and we have also been in situations where perhaps a different type of mentor could have been a huge asset. Young retina specialists may struggle to find their voice and position within the field, especially if they don’t see themselves represented in leadership and behind the podium.

Dr. Geeta Lalwani sat down with some of the best mentors in retina to discuss what it really means to mentor in this day and age with diversity and inclusion in mind. Click here to read.

Rocky Mountain Retina Associates is proud to have a dedicated and diverse team in place. We encourage individuality and strive to create an inclusive space for all employees and patients. We are proud to empower and support the future leaders and providers in Ophthalmology and Optometry.

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